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Stewart Creek Area Structure Plan

Three Sisters The Stewart Creek area will be a key residential, commercial and mixed-use community located immediately east of the Three Sisters Parkway interchange, and represents the recognition of existing residential community development to the west. The Stewart Creek area is envisioned as a community which offers a range of residential and recreation opportunities and provides local commercial services as well as commercial uses with a larger market area.

The Stewart Creek area is expected to provide for the continued development of a range of housing types within the Three Sisters Mountain Village area. A mix of low density to medium and potentially high density housing forms are envisioned, with connections between areas provided by a transportation network with a comfortable pedestrian environment reinforced by a comprehensively planned open space network and activity nodes focused on key areas and views.

The Stewart Creek area is also envisioned to provide a comprehensively planned and developed commercial and mixed area adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway immediately east of the Three Sisters Parkway interchange. This area will establish a significant commercial land use precinct which is anticipated to provide a range of retail, office, services and other commercial development, as well as mixed uses through vertical integration of a range of land uses, including residential uses.

Potential community facility and residential uses are envisioned east of the commercial area. Transportation connections, with an emphasis on community connectivity via pedestrian systems, will form a key component to promote linkages between the predominantly residential areas in the south portion of the plan area to the commercial core adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway.

The purpose of this Plan is to guide future decision-making to ensure the development of Stewart Creek in a manner that achieves the vision and objectives of the Plan. The policy framework provided in this Plan knits land use, transportation and urban design components together to facilitate development of the Stewart Creek area as a place that:

  • employs principles of sustainable development in the planning and design of the plan area;
  • provides a framework for the development of a vibrant, active community that offers a full range of opportunities, services and housing choices and facilitates connections to other parts of the Three Sisters Mountain Village area and the Town of Canmore;
  • emphasizes key community and transportation nodes at major activity and amenity areas by providing a system of neighbourhood nodes and community focal points;
  • promotes a community structure which facilitates connections (non-vehicular) between residential, commercial and public / open space uses, and connections to other areas within the larger community;
  • creates a framework for the provision of employee housing, affordable housing and entry level housing requirements for future growth within the larger planning area west of the Stewart Creek Wildlife Corridor;
  • facilitates alternative and innovative approaches to land use planning, development and infrastructure servicing opportunities;
  • balances pedestrian and cycling travel options with the requirements of the automobile and acknowledges the potential for future mass transit service to and within the plan area;
  • provides a key arrival / distribution transportation node for other areas within the community, particularly the Resort Centre to the west;
  • facilitates the market in attracting retail as well as non-retail jobs to the area; and
  • offers a wide range of services and activities to serve the needs of Canmore residents and visitors.

Three Sisters MapDownload the Stewart Creek Area in PDF Format:

PDFStewart Creek ASP Approved Part I (4.3 mb)
Stewart Creek ASP Approved Part II (15 mb)



PDFDownload the Three Sisters Area Community Map:
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Information Courtesy the Town of Canmore. © The Town of Canmore.

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